Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Internet Censorship

Our lovely leaders in Congress in an attempt to supposedly stop copyright infringement are in a rush to pass a very bad and harmful bill. The House version, no surprise is even worse than the Senate version. What is even more depressing is the Senate bill is sponsored by Patrick Leahy from Vermont who is usually a 'liberal' and has as co-sponsors both Senators from New York and even Al Franken.

Recent events, including yesterdays co-ordinated attacks on various Occupy Wall Streets and their offshoots in this country with the help of our Homeland Security illustrate in a very clear and demonstrative manner that our so called leaders, from both sides of the aisle are the enemies of a true democracy.

From the White House down to every other branch of government is a festering pool of corporate toadies. More people have been arrested for protesting our economic depression and the greed of the 1% than the people who brought us to this tipping point.

What this bill really has is the potential to do is shut down the internet enough to stop grass roots mobilization against the forces of the government which does not represent the average person but the likes of the Koch brothers and the lovely greedy bastards who want even more of what little we have.

I haven't urged any one on this blog to take political action but in this case I do.

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