Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tuesday the 10th

I was admitted to MSK urgent care back in Jan around the 13th.  I was severely dehydrated and felt horrible.  The Dr. had suggested that I check myself in the night before but I wanted to take care of some important paper work, like my Health Care Proxy and Living Will. 

One of the symptoms of my cancer is the narrowing of the esophagus and in my case it completely shut down to a tiny passage, so small and constricted that even taking in liquids, like that pesky thing 'water', became impossible.  Do deal with this problem, it had been predetermined that I would have a 'shunt' put in my esophagus, this is an expandable pipe of sorts to force open the constricted passage and allow the intake of necessary nutrition and liquids.   The only problem, it was scheduled a week and a half ahead of my admittance, I would not live that long if I had to wait.  When I was in urgent care it was decided that installing one would be the first course of business and the following day after entrance I was brought down for surgery at the end of the day.

Not five minutes before I was wheeled into surgery I received a call, my son had just dislocated his right shoulder in a wrestling match.   Nothing like added anxiety and worry.   I was wheeled out of surgery feeling like shite.  I spent nearly the next 24 to 48 hours vomiting blood, I frankly don't remember the total time span.   The shunt was removed, I don't even remember being taken down for that procedure.

A day later a feeding tube was installed, I've been using it ever since.  

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  1. thoughts are with you, all at work have endless questions regarding your status, your dentist wants you to use your teeth soon! gene.